Bike To Work Week 2012, Day 2

Biker sneaking his bike out of his office

This is me attempting to avoid detection as I sneak contraband out of my office

Some days when the weather looks rotten, or I am just short on time, I will bring my bike right into my office. Though it has never been expressly prohibited, I assumed such action would be frowned upon. But, last week, when I was sneaking out the back door with my commuter bike, who do I see parking his car, but the president of the college. Our eyes met and he smiled and waved. Was the smile painted on? Was he thinking, “Remember to fire that guy as soon as the new contract is in place”? Or was he thinking, “Hey, there’s one of my devoted followers, staying healthy and saving the planet! I should buy him lunch”? Hopefully, it was the latter. (I think “latter” means the second one…)

1 thought on “Bike To Work Week 2012, Day 2

  1. I looked up the word “latter” in the dictionary and “latter” does mean “the second” (or something of the sort.) To be honest with you I didn’t know the meaning of the word myself.
    ~ your spectacular daughter Helen

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