Bike To Work Week 2012, Day 4

Riding a bike with flowers

Riding one-handed is a little tiresome, but holding a box of pretty pink flowers staves off discouragement.

When I ride home from work with a box of flowers from the Western Horticulture Club plant sale, people smile at me. Try doing that in a car, and see how many smiles you get. No, there is just something about a geek on a bike with flowering plants that makes you smile.

When I used to ride over to Aunt Ruth’s house pulling my lawn mower behind me, I didn’t get many smiles. Mostly I saw people shooing their young children into the house. Yeah, there’s just something about a geek riding a bike while holding onto the handle of a lawnmower that makes you uneasy.

4 thoughts on “Bike To Work Week 2012, Day 4

    • You should not have to see a drawing. You lived it! (Note to readers: I used to make my kids ride with me when I would pull the lawnmower to Aunt Ruth’s house. I thought maybe surrounding myself with four or five semi-normal children would make me look less crazy.)

  1. The Bike to Work Week Committee is again planning a ride with a police officer some time during the week of May 12-16, 2014. Any interest in participating?

    • I was just thinking about last year’s “Ride with the Cops.” Yes, we will be there, and I hope to influence many other families to come on the ride too.

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