Bike to Work Week 2012, Day 5

You Complete Me

My Claire recently asked me, “Dad, are you going to put up a drawing for the last day of Bike to Work Week?”

I told her how I had made a fifth sketch, but life had gotten away from me and I did not get around to putting if on the web. Here it is now.

Squirrel Biker

Another tree hugger saving the world by shopping on a bike

You are thinking, “But Ed, why the squirrel? You hate squirrels.”

Yes, why include the cute squirrel character when everyone knows that squirrels are evil garden seed eating bird food thieves? It is true, but this squirrel does kind of fit in with some of the cycling characters I sketched last year and featured in a Facebook photo album. He is like an actor who plays really cute characters in movies, but is a total jerk in real life. You should like the sketch, and hate the species. Oh yeah, and ride your bike everywhere!

3 thoughts on “Bike to Work Week 2012, Day 5

  1. Love! the sketch. I’m working on a bicycle plan for a neighborhood called Squirrel Hill in Pittsburgh, PA with its own business district, so part of the appeal is the shopping panniers. The plan is under the auspices of the community organization (a 501c3). Would it be ok if we used this as our mascot?

    It would appear, for example, in the header of the bike plan web site, — where the plain-vanilla red bike is now.


    • Mary, I think it would be neat if you used my illustration in your efforts to increase cycling and walking in your community. I am pretty passionate about bicycle commuting too. Can you please email me at ?

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