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Thanksgiving on the Hale Farm

I had a great Thanksgiving, not just because of the huge meal and fun desserts. No my favorite part (sorry to house guests and wife who prepared the big meal) was in the early morning when I went out to … Continue reading

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A Parakeet Near Miss

Recently, I walked out of the house with our parakeet, Mr. Misty Freeze, on my shoulder. Inside the house, the bird had been on my shoulder for much of the day and I had forgotten she was there. When the … Continue reading

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Another Reason to Hate Squirrels

Yesterday, Helen, Lydia and I planted sunflower seeds in little starter containers because none of the sunflower seeds we planted in the ground ever came up. I left the little containers on our picnic table to germinate and turn into … Continue reading

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The Strange Neighbors

In my effort to be the strangest man in the neighborhood, I have taken to stealing leaf piles. It all stems from my addiction to gardening. (“Stems” from “gardening”– Ha Ha, that’s a funny pun, Ed). Anyway, I have decided … Continue reading

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Tomatoes and Other Vices

I planted tomato seeds very early this spring and my plants are finally producing some ripe tomatoes. Just look at the beautiful tomatoes in the photo above. They would be even more beautiful if they had been harvested from my … Continue reading

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Thoughts on traveling

While traveling the seven hours to the lake this week, I had some random thoughts. First a confession Sometimes I drive the speed limit. I drive 55 in a 55 zone. I drive 65 in a 65 zone. It used … Continue reading

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