Summer Art Lessons, Entry 1

This last home school year I made big plans to teach art to the kids. We did not get to it very often. We are going to try to get in some art this summer.

I saw a beautiful piece of art on pinterest done, I think, by a first grader. It was painted strips of paper weaved together and mounted on black paper. You can see it here: Inspired by that artwork, students in the Edward Hale Art Institute made the following works of art.

Artwork by Bethany

Weaved painted strips by Bethany Jane Hale

Artwork by Ruthie

Weaved painted strips by Ruthie Nikole Hale

Artwork by Nikole

This shows Edward’s weaved painted strips. Since he has a broken arm the strips were painted and weaved by Nikole without any input from Edward.

Artwork by Claire

Weaved painted strips by Claire Hale

Artwork by Helen

Weaved painted strips by Helen Hale

There you go… Day one of classes at the Edward Hale Art Institute is complete. I wanted to change the name of the institute to The Edward Hale Academy for Young Endurance Athletes, but my students were not receptive.

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